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BCF AGENDA 6th July 2003

The Bahamas Chess Federation



Meeting Agenda

Sunday July 6th, 2003






























3:00     to      3:15


Meeting Called to order, Register taken, and Agenda


























3:15    to      4:45


Debating period for matters arising from the previous minutes







Matters Arising or Outstanding


a)      Update on access to the M.O.E building. (Milton Evans, Warren Seymour)

b)      Any available church space. (Secretary)

c)      Olympiad 2003.

d)      The Financial Report, 2003 Budget and Constitution amendments. Update on this matter.

e)      Meeting, with Mr. Wallace (V.P)

f)        Website Update (R.A)

g)      Incentives for senior players apart of the B.C.F.

h)      Junior Trainers

i)        Annual Meeting

j)        Tournament Late Fees



















4:45    to     5:00


New Business and Correspondence shall be addressed

















New Business




















a)            Scholastic Team Championship

b)            Laptop Sponsorship






*** Meeting may or may not extend proposed time.


*** If any member see fit for a debate period to be extended, he/she must put a motion  forward to the President.  The President can then make a decision or place a public vote where the majority of the floor must rule for the matter to be continued.


*** Any absent board members apart of the agenda must be replaced by a present member who may volunteer or be chosen by the president.


The Bahamas Chess Federation 1974 (Agenda)