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The Bahamas Chess Federation (1974)
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Thierry Boeuf - President

My main goals are:
1- Finding a place for the Federation should be our first priority: Centrally located, with good security, access everyday all the time or at least till midnight, preferably large enough (500sq.f) to play small tournaments.
2-     Help Warren Seymour for the expansion of training programme either in schools and outside with a letter to all members of the Bahamas Chess Federation explaining the necessity for the members to be involved if they want to be part of any National team.
3-     Communicate as much as possible about Chess and the Federation events and goals through the media (Newspapers, ZNS, radios, websites).
4- Prepare the organisation of international tournaments in the Bahamas.
5- Promote the programme of Chess in the prison and possibly extend it to other social groups. 
6- Work with our traditionnal sponsors and research for new sponsors especially to send a Bahamian team to international events.
7- Finalise the creation of a website with the informations about the history of the federation, results of tournaments, list of champions, calendar of events.
8- Promote the educational advantages of Chess with the release of studies in many countries and the fact that the only male recipiendaire of a Sir Lynden Pindling Scholarship award last year was a Chess player and the students as well as the parents should be aware of the fact that a good education is the key for best chances in the future.
9- Eventually organise tournaments between teams from companies.
Thierry Boeuf - President

Bahamas Chess Federation 1974 (Presidents Goals)