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The Bahamas Chess Federation hold meetings every Month on the 1st Sundy at 3:00pm sharp at the C. C. Sweeting Senior High School located on College Avenue

Minutes of Meeting June 1st, 2003


Present Alphabetically: Ryan Austin (RA), Thierry Boeuf (TB), Bobby Bower (BB), Milton Evans, Leroy Mclean (LM), Warren Seymour (WS), Byron Small (BS)



1)                 Call To Order

The meeting was called to order by President Mr. Thierry Boeuf at 3:24 pm


2)                 Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved by all present members.


3)                 Approval of Minutes of  Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved by all present members.


4)                 Matters Arising from Minutes


a)     The president (TB) presented the first matter on his agenda which concerned the BCF finding a home.


-Treasurer (BB) stated that he has spoken to a man who was not Mr. Nikita Austin, though he is the Dean at B.H.T.C (Bahamas Hotel Training College).  This gentleman stated that the building is fully occupied around the Spring and Fall seasons though some space is available in the off school season.  He stated that the BCF can host tournaments there but must arrange all details in much advanced time as the facilities are usually occupied for public functions.


-Vice-President (WS) stated that the Ministry of Education is moving into a new building in the month of October and if the BCF acts now there may be a possibility of gaining some allocated space.


-(ME) stated that The Ministry of Works should be responsible for government buildings and will inquire on this matter for the BCF.


-Secretary (LM) stated that the BCF could use church space as it would be easier to gain permissions.


-President (TB) stated that whiles the focus is on gaining access to a building to house the BCF, we should keep in mind the greater goal, which would be to build a building that the BCF can monument, and call home.


-(ME) the BCF could form a club at an organization such as a bank where we would promote their company and in turn use their building.


-President (TB) stated that using a organization such as a bank would not be a good idea as we would not be allowed to seek help from their competitors.


b)     (ME) stated that the BCF should try and play in the Olympiad.


-President (TB) stated that he does not believe that players of the BCF are not ready for individual Wolrd championships.  The President (TB) also stated that this competition would only break the chess spirit of the young players.


-Vice-President (WS) stated that maybe if we let the government know how many school students are apart of the BCF, they would help sponsor such a trip.  This would also bring attention to the BCF.


-(ME) stated that there are Chess players in the Bahamas that have the required skill level to represent the BCF, though we need to entice them to join the BCF.


-Treasurer (BB) stated that we get in contact with these skilled players and entice them to join the BCF.


-Vice-President (WS) stated that apart from the Olympiad, the Orange Bowl in Florida is tailor-made for the BCF.


-President (TB) stated that last year, the lowest rating in the American selections for Junior World Championship was a 2300, and if that standard remains this year the BCF should not participate.


-(BS) stated that in the BCF our rating is local and not judged internationally, which means we could be over or under the present rating calculations.  He stated that the BCF needs a proper benchmark between local and international ratings.


c)      President (TB) stated that the scheduled meeting with Mr. Wallace of the Olympic association did not occur as neither parties contacted each other.


-Vice President (WS) stated that he will get the numbers of Mr. Wallace and arrange a meeting, also invite students from Freeport schools to play in the Scholastic Team Championship.


d)     President (TB) stated that the BCF board is still in the process of determining who will be a Junior Trainer.


-Vice-President (WS) stated that the BCF board decides quickly, and invite these trainers to the next meeting or a special meeting could be arranged.


-Warren Seymour stated that a good idea would be to have the letters for all juniors concerning training and other correspondence should be ready for disbursement at the Scholastic Team Championship.


e)     Secretary (LM) stated that there are no incentives for the senior players apart of the BCF which is why they are not coming to meetings.


-(ME) stated that there are players in places like Trinidad and Jamaica that were playing in the 80s and are still playing today because of their incentives.


-(BS) stated that maybe if we had a major cash tournament there were be a lot of interested seniors.


-Treasurer (BB) stated that Sun International would sponsor a major tournament for Grand Masters as it would bring them a lot of attention.


-(ME) stated that a great incentive would be to start sending seniors to tournaments abroad.


-Vice-President (WS) stated that the World Open, and Olympiad are the best choices for the BCF.


f)        President (TB) asked for the Financial Report.


-Treasurer (BB) stated that this is an ongoing matter


g)     President (TB) asked for any Constitution Amendments


-Secretary (LM) stated that he has gathered a list of points and will discuss them at the next meeting.


-Secretary (LM) stated that he does not feel the constitution be amended very easily, or with only a few people present.  Also it should be reserved for the Annual Meeting.


h)      Vice-President (WS) stated that the youth day event wasnt as productive as it could have been though the BCF booth had the visit of about 30.   


i)        President (TB) asked for a oral report on website progress


-(RA) stated that he has changed a few colors on the website and has added a bit more functionality


-(BS) stated that minutes should be exclusive to BCF members and should not be for public viewing on the website


-(BS) also stated that we should include the rich history of the BCF in the website.


5)                 New Business/ Correspondence


a)     The Polhemus Darling tournament was attended by 40 players


b)     The majority of the floor voted on increasing by 50% the fees for people registering the day of a tournament.  This action was approved by the president.


-Vice-President (WS) stated that to ensure all players register for the tournament on time they are all going to their tournament notice 10 days before the tournament with details of payment and place of payment.


6)                 Adjournment


a)     The President adjourned the meeting at 5:53 pm


Minutes of Meeting May 4, 2003


Present Alphabetically: Ryan Austin (RA), Thierry Boeuf (TB), Bobby Bower (BB), Ikechi Curry (IC), Leroy Mclean (LM), Warren Seymour (WS), Byron Small (BS), Clive Stuart (CS).



1)                   Call To Order

The meeting was called to order by President Mr. Thierry Boeuf at 3:50pm.


2)                   Approval of Agenda

There was no agenda prepared for this meeting thus there was no approval to be made by attending members.


3)                   Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were read by Secretary Leroy McLean. The minutes were approved by Byron Small, and seconded by Vice-President Warren Seymour.


4)                   Matters Arising from Minutes


a)       After receiving copies of Vice-President (WS) school training schedule the federation reviewed, as Mr. Seymour explained what was going on.  After which President (TB) stated that the federation would need 12 eligible Trainers that could consist of Senior and/or Junior players to teach chess at these schools.


The President (TB) stated that these trainers would follow the course outlined by the BCF board, which would be taken from grandmaster Lev Alburts Chess Course Volume 1 and 2.


The President (TB) also noted that the training process is important to implement and that everybody that goes to train, should first be trained.


Vice-President (WS) stated that once a trainers' list is generated, we should invite these people to the next monthly meeting.


b)       President (TB) stated that he has emailed Mr. Paul Wallace-Whitfield for Freeport and is currently pending a response.


President (TB) stated that Vincent Wallace Treasurer of the BOA gave him the name of a Mr. Harcourt Rolle, who is the office administrator of the BOA.

The President stated that he has to call Mr. Rolle and schedule a meeting, and that all persons interested in attending should contact him.


c)       The President (TB) stated that the BCF is still looking for a place to call its headquarters and that RA is responsible for contacting Nikita Austin at COB to confirm a possibility before a formal approach is made.



d)       The President (TB) requested that the Financial Report and 2003 Budget be presented to the board.


Treasurer (BB) stated that he was unable to produce the report for the current meeting since he just received the documents before the meeting and will present it at the next monthly meeting.  This was accepted by the President.


e)       The President (TB) requested that the propositions of Amendment of the Constitution Report be presented to the Board.


Secretary (LM), and Vice-President (WS), who are in charge of the Amendment Committee, reported that they were working on the matter and will present it at the next monthly meeting.  This was accepted by the President.


f)         Secretary (LM) noted that a letter be sent to Jamaican Chess Federation President Mr. E. M Wilkinson to somewhat cement the relationship between the two organizations.


The President (TB) stated that because it was Vice-President (WS) that had direct contact with Mr. Wilkinson this responsibility would be his.


President (TB) stated that we should email the federations surrounding the Bahamas to request tournament information.



5)                   New Business/ Correspondence


a)       Secretary (LM) stated that the BCF board should follow the format of the constitution, (Article No. 16) which outlines meeting format.


Secretary (LM) strongly stated that a Meeting Agenda be put together as well as correspondence be read, whether it was sent by email or P O Box.


b)       (RA) stated that for the convenience of previously absent members someone should take the initiative to bring copies of the minutes of the previous meeting to monthly meetings.


Treasurer (BB) stated that he would take this responsibility and bring at least 5 copies of previous minutes to monthly meetings.


c)       (BS) inquired on whether the Government of The Bahamas still requested a list of officers in the Chess Federation.


President (TB) stated that they still do, though he received this request in the middle of the chess year, a time when new officers are unable to be determined.


d)       President (TB) stated that he received a mail inviting the Chess Federation to be apart of a exhibition on Saturday May 10, 2003.


The BCF Board agreed that the federation is prepared to participate.


The President (TB) stated that at this exhibition there can be simultaneous games where any member of the federation can play, and also Mr. Seymour can host his weekly chess training at this venue.


The President (TB) noted that once confirmed about the event, he will email all chess federation members to inform them of the event.


e)       Vice-President (WS) stated that a Mr. Brian Evans at Insurance Management said that he would give the BCF support in ways that he can, and it would be a good idea to use his office to make the necessary number copies of chess training programs.


f)         President (TB) stated that RA has to transfer the current website to our new address ( and in the main time work on a more professional website.


Treasurer (BB) stated that we should get a designer to design the website.  Possible suggestions would be designers in Poland, Russia or even India since they are cheap and really good.


g)       (BS) stated that the first impression is very important when visiting a website. All present Members agreed that we should add colors or even a different design to attract other people and organizations.


RA stated that he has done some work with the logo and the President (TB) asked him to email it to present members to get their input.


h)       Treasurer (BB) stated that sponsorship should be a topic at monthly meetings before the BCF runs into financial problems.  There could be a drive or campaign to earn money.


Secretary (LM) stated that the BCF could get a good sponsorship from Sun International.  To go about this we would have to contact Mr. Ed. Fields.


Treasurer (BB) said that he will call Mr. Ed Fields at Sun International


Members stated that a major tournament could be hosted at Sun International.


i)         Good news in the federation, the President (TB) stated that the BCF got great news coverage on the Scholastic Tournament in the April 17th issue of the Nassau Tribune.


j)         More good news, the President (TB) stated that the BCF received the 1500 dollar cheque from Vitamalt after 1 year and a half of constant follow up by himself.


Members congratulated the President (TB) on his tireless effort to promote the advancement of the BCF.


             6)                   Adjournment


a)       The President adjourned the meeting at 5:35


The Bahamas Chess Federation 1974 (Minutes of Meetings)