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Read the following information to find out if YOU are Eligible




1.      The Sir Lynden Pindling Scholarship is intended for individuals who are natives of Andros or of Andros descendents (not more than two generations removed). However, if it becomes necessary, some consideration may be given to other Bahamians.


2.      The Archdeacon William Thompson Scholarship is intended for individuals throughout The Bahamas, other than Andros Island.


3.      It should be noted that full tuition scholarships will only be awarded for tertiary level studies within The Bahamas. Individuals attending Bahamian High Schools and Colleges abroad will be awarded a scholarship for partial tuition only. It should also be especially noted that the scholarship is intended for tuition only and not housing and miscellaneous expenses.


4.      All payment of funds will be made directly to the relevant Institutions.


5.      Awardees will only be given a letter of confirmation of funds to be made available.




Please submit the following documents along with your application:


  1. Letter of Acceptance into college


  1. Most Recent Transcript


  1. A Biographical sketch of 200-300 words, in your own handwriting, describing your career plans and what contributions you intend to make to The Bahamas upon graduation.


  1. The names and phone contact of three (3) persons (not relatives), who know you well.





Submit application to:      The Chairman

                                                Sir Lynden Pindling & Archdeacon William Thompson

                                                Scholarship Trust

                                                P. O. Box N-1019

                                                Nassau, Bahamas



The Bahamas Chess Federation 1974 (Scholarship Form)